Btdsoft OpenX Installation And Support

btdsoft is here to help with your OpenX Installation and support needs. We can perform most installations, upgrades and repairs within 24 hours. If desired we can schedule a time to perform the service to better accommodate you and your clients.

Btdsoft OpenX plug-ins, services and consulting

btdsoft offers a advertiser sign up and payment plug in compatible with OpenX 2.8 labeled RevMax 4 for its ability to maximize your ad revenue allowing advertisers and publishers to automatically enroll in your programs selling or renting ad space on your website(‘s) with paypal,, 2checkout, and worldpay payments. With RevMax advertisers can automatically create accounts and upload banner ads after payment has been completed. Advertisers may then restock their existing campaigns by purchasing more ad views(cpm) or ad clicks(cpc). Advertisers also have the ability to purchase more campaigns and upload more ads in the future. RevMax offers the ability to enroll publishers to help you further expand your ad network and revenue. Using OpenX’s built in reporting features it is then a simple matter for publisher payments.
Services:’s services are affordable, and professional. We offer Installation and support for both OpenX and RevMax. We are also available on a consultancy basis to help you maximize your earning potential with online ad serving. If you are in need of OpenX installation, upgrade, configuration, or a timely repair of a failed or hacked installation, please feel free to contact us using the contact page.
OpenX Consulting:
btdsoft can help you get started with OpenX, by providing information as to the best methods of setting up your OpenX adserver to form a “ad network”. Time saving steps to ensure you don”t have to repeat the same task again and again, and some of the best online information as to making money with online advertising, and networks such as google”s AdSense.

OpenX Open Source AdServer
The Open Source ad server OpenX is a major part of our installation and consulting work. More about this can be found on the OpenX AdServerwebsite.